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Sins for Parents

When we
talk about parenting habits, we talk about best ways. But best ways would only
work if mistakes won’t be made. The scenario would be like hammering a cold
metal, which won’t take any shape and will just get brittle. We keep on adapting
new methods but don’t examine or think about what was going wrong.

starting something new, old has to be examined. And in this block we are going
to analyze the mistakes that parents mostly do which turn out to be “Sins”.


1.      Don’t impose yourself: Your child is an individual. Respect his individuality. Don’t try to
impose yourself on him. Your child needs to learn from his experiences. Offer
him advises but let him make mistakes. The lessons learned after mistakes leave
greater impact on brain than the ones which are memorized.

2.      Questions are good: Don’t forbid your child from questioning your decisions. His questions
are not arguments. Kids ask questions when they wish to know reasons behind
your actions. So give them reasons. Don’t behave like dictator whose authority
can’t be questioned.

3.      Say no to comparison: This is the most common activity of Indian parents. They tend to
compare their child with the ones in neighborhood, school, or friend circle.
Remember everyone’s not an Einstein. Accept your child for who he is. Comparing
him with others will lower his morale down and they will suffer from
inferiority complex.

4.      Don’t mistake ruthlessness for strictness: Often parents go ruthless. They punish their
child going out of the way. Some parents lock their child inside room, don’t
give them food or beat them up. You are showing cruelty to your child. This
will in turn make them violent. And someday they might treat you the same.

5.      Don’t point out in public: Never try to point out their mistakes in public. It’s recommended that
mistakes should be pointed out in private and they should be praised for good
deeds in public. When you do so, your child understands the term privacy. And
similarly he’ll also learn what has to be discussed in public and what in

6.      Don’t materialize your child: “Rich spoiled brat”, a term which is used to
refer those children who have undue advantages of their richness. They get
materialistic things too early in their life. Which makes them don’t value
them. They never understand what it takes to earn them. And they tend to insult
the children who don’t have them, calling them poor. So make a note of your


7.      Don’t fight before your child: Their might be a chance that your personal
life isn’t going right. There might be issues between you two. Your differences
can grow to such level that you might end up fighting before your child. This
can become haunting for him. He might lose value for relationships and get
threatened. Early childhood memories remain longer with your child and their
parent’s broken relationships can lead them to worst in their life.

8.      Don’t plant gender inequality: Make your child learn that all genders all are
equal. Growth in crime against women and severe teenage issues show that the
most damage had been done when they were young. If you differentiate between
girls and boys, stop doing it. Make him understand that both genders are alike
and make them aware of each gender’s issues. When your child will be aware of
both of their issues, they have better understanding of what has to be done.
And if we start taking responsibility, we can hope for a better future

9.      Don’t hide your child’s crime: We cannot predict future. It may happen that
your child might get involved in some heinous crimes. The right thing to do is
to report it yourself at the earliest. A criminal isn’t your son or daughter.
If he has committed a crime, he needs to own it and stand before the law.
Saving your child from this can give invitation to something more big and
severe. Law is just and law is for all. Accept your child’s crime and report
for his better future and society’s.

10.   Don’t be conservative: Sex education, transgender issues, PCOD’s, sexual issues, growth
issues, love problems, relationship issues, these are just some of those issues
which cater least attention of ours. These are needs of 21st century
children and have to be addressed with utmost sincerity and integrity.
Understand your child. And adapt to his uniqueness. If your child is
transgender, accept it. Don’t force him for being somebody who he isn’t. If he
falls in love, make him understand the difference between love and infatuation.  Emotions have to be taught in right manner.
Adapt for good.

11.   Don’t give free access to internet: Often we don’t really care about what is our
child accessing on internet. He might be learning inappropriate things like
porn, violence, abuse etc. without legal permission. So have Google security
check and make a note of your child’s internet activities.

12.   Don’t ignore your child’s friend circle: Teach your child to analyze and judge humans.
Make him judge who is good for him. Check if your child is in bad company. It
might happen that you are doing best for your child but he isn’t learning
anything. It may happen because of his peers and surroundings. So to make sure
that your parenting gives the best outcome, ensure that he is living in correct
environment with safe peers. If things are wrong then talk to him, share your
experiences and relate examples. Don’t make him feel that you are entering in
his private space. Become his friend before being a parent.


When all
the tips are followed, mistakes are avoided and precautions are taken, I’m sure
you’ll get “Parent of the year award”.

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