Sai Kidz-Unised International

Sai Kidz-Unised International

(Developed by Group of IIT Alumnis for Innovations in Primary Education)
Pi -1 Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201310

[Fully Air-conditioned & Interactive Smart Pre & Primary School with Day Care ]

Unised International School Education Group under society of Avant foundation will run and upgrade this school from academic year 2020-21 onwards with so many advance pedagogy methods and learning by fun activities

Advancement from academic year 2020 -21 onwards with management of unised international

We are now in 21st century and the way we look at classrooms has completely changed. We are now in the era of smart classes, online degrees and virtual classrooms. But is this it? Does digitization completes the classroom? The answer is No. Smart classrooms are nothing but just infrastructure fully equipped with tools and technologies. It is just like a body without soul. To complete it we have to make it engaging. Let’s discover with Unised International that what exactly an engaging classroom is in the year 2020


At Unised, you won’t find any student struggling with concepts because we teach in smart classrooms with visual aids, models and 3D worlds. We have expert teachers, who have thorough knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the subjects they are teaching and remain up-to-date with all the latest developments in those fields.


Pre primary Section and upto class V standards (Primary Section).