About the Teachers

Unised International have outstanding preschool teacher having below mentioned qualities:

Our teacher's qualities

The concept of school and pre-school education consists of 3 programs of development and training in our academy.

A good preschool teacher should have the patience of a saint. Teachers have to work with the students at their own pace as each child is different. They have to be patient when dealing with the same questions over and over again.
A great teacher is kind, gentle and has a good personality. They should engage students with their teaching styles and hold their attention in all discussions. Students are attracted towards teachers with a decent and likable personality.
Preschool teachers should bring some life to their classroom by engaging their students in interesting activities. They should create an atmosphere where students feel they can take an active part in the discussion.
Teachers need thorough knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the subjects they are teaching and should remain up-to-date with all the latest developments in those fields. Complete knowledge of topics being taught is important to capture students’ attention and participation.
Teachers should be prepared for any change in the classroom or the course. They must adapt accordingly. They should be ready to handle any type of question from their students and address difficult situations.
Students will not be interested in a class if they feel that the teacher is not listening to them. Apart from being a good listener, a great teacher is also a good communicator.
As teachers have to accomplish many things-organizing the classroom, covering a vast curriculum and bulletin boards, they should remain organized with their teaching materials and aids.
Teachers should have a high level of maturity when dealing with their students’ problems and managing any conflicts. They must handle each situation appropriately, so students can learn from them.
A good preschool teacher is passionate about teaching and loves to work with children. Teachers should develop a good rapport and trusting relationships with their students as they influence their students’ lives immensely.
A great teacher shows compassion to students who struggle academically and reach out to them when they need support. They should be emotionally available to their students.
Teachers should remain confident in difficult situations. They should possess the ability to learn and change and be prepared to answer any questions. They should remember that they have the ability to change the lives of their students.